New Hangover Delivery Service Brings McDonald’s And KFC To Your Door

by : UNILAD on : 11 Oct 2015 19:24

Hungover students at Plymouth University will no longer have to face the dreaded decision of having to actually attempt to move from their bed while in significant pain just to track down a Big Mac.

One absolutely ingenious entrepreneur has come to the rescue of all those in need of some greasy fast food after having one too many shots the night before.


George Galbraith set up Hangover Helpers and just become the most popular man on campus.

His service delivers the food everyone desires while dying inside, including from those food establishments which don’t actually offer a delivery service, with McDonald’s and KFC proving most popular.


Unsurprisingly, his idea was inspired by his own struggles after a heavy night on the town during his first year at uni.


Speaking to Metro, he said:

The idea came around my own personal experiences and my need for the service I now provide.

And, quite frankly, the idea is so brilliant and necessary that we imagine it won’t be long before George’s business expands to other universities across the country!

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  1. Metro

    There’s now a hangover delivery service that brings McDonald’s to your door