New Hitman Trailer Dropped, PS4 Beta To Start This Week


If you’ve pre-ordered the new Hitman game, then a beta will be coming this week, and there’s a brand new trailer just to get you in the mood for sneaky kills and stealthy thrills. 

The beta starts on February 12 for PS4 and comes to PC February 19 (Xbox One users get nothing in the way of a beta). In the trailer we’re invited to “play the beginning” which seems like a sensible enough place to start.

You’ll start off in a top secret recruitment and training facility, finding out a little bit more about Agent 47’s origins with the ICA. Rumours abound that you’ll finally find out what happened to Agent 47’s luscious mullet (but only because I just made that up now).

Hitman will see a proper release (even for Xbox One) on March 11. Well, part of it, anyway. See not too long ago, it was announced that the new Hitman would be an episodic affair. Convoluted? Debatable. It’s just that most of those debates would end with a “yes”.