New Horizon Zero Dawn Footage Looks Incredible


Sony wheeled out a number of games in its attempt to wow folk with the 4K and HDR capabilities of the newly announced PS4 Pro, and Horizon Zero Dawn was easily one of the most impressive examples.

Guerrilla Games’ upcoming third-person shooter has been a visually impressive beast since it was announced back at E3 2015, but it’s clear the team went all out to try and show what it can do on a more powerful machine.


Horizon Zero Dawn already boasts a wonderfully distinct visual style, with the juxtaposition of natural environments against ruined skyscrapers and robot dinosaurs.

But the newest footage shows off a sense of verticality that we haven’t really seen from the game thus far – in the trailer, protagonist Aloy ziplines down a massive mountain with her bare hands ’cause she’s ‘ard.

After that, she goes all Shadow of the Colossus on us and starts scaling a huge brontosaurus-like robot. But instead of killing it, it appears she simply rewires it to make it friendly, which is a refreshing change of pace.

Check it out below.

The video was pretty light on combat, but if the team can combine the mobility seen in this trailer with the diverse combat we’ve seen elsewhere from the game, Horizon Zero Dawn could be an unmissable experience.

Plus, the whole thing is fucking gorgeous – that helps.