New Incredibles 2 Trailer Drops

by : Tom Percival on : 29 Mar 2018 18:05
Disney Pixar

A new teaser for the Incredibles 2 has just dropped and it looks as super as the heroes it stars.


The long-awaited sequel to Pixar’s Incredibles hits theatres this summer and will see the Parr family face off against the insidious Underminer.

Fortunately for Mr Incredible, supervillains aren’t a problem for a guy with super strength.

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Unfortunately, it’s not that useful when he’s looking after Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack because in this film it’s Elastigirl’s time to shine and she’s out fighting crime and campaigning for the return of superheroes.


Its been 14 years since the first Incredibles movie hit our screens and fans have been patiently waiting for the return of the Parr family.

Pixar had originally planned on bringing back the fantastic family much earlier with director Brad Bird claiming back in 2007 they were open to the idea of a sequel; they were just working on making it even better than the first.

Never one to rush things the next time Pixar and Bird mentioned the topic was in 2013 during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Disney Pixar

Bird said: 

I have been thinking about it. People think that I have not been, but I have. Because I love those characters and love that world

I am stroking my chin and scratching my head. I have many, many elements that I think would work really well in another Incredibles film, and if I can get ’em to click all together, I would probably wanna do that.

Thankfully by 2015, they’d hammered out the story and both Disney and Pixar made clear they were committed to making a sequel to the popular superhero film.

Quite what the full plot is we don’t know, but we do know that Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad fame will be playing a key role.


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His character’s called Winston Deavor and he’s the CEO of a telecommunications company, as well as a massive superhero fan who wants to help bring the supers out of hiding and get them back to saving people.

Brad Bird teased some intriguing details about the plot and casting at D23 to ComicBook.com.


He said: 

It’s so great to be here to tell you about the film. It’s fundamentally a story about family…with this new film, we’re excited to jump back into that world.

We have controls able to do so much more than before. The whole world of Incredibles 2 is gonna be greatly expanded upon. We’ll be seeing a lot more of Elastagirl.

There’s an issue with the family’s house. So, the family has to get a new house. As you can see, its kind of a cross between a dream house and a super lair – a secret agents house or something.

Water flows throughout the whole building and its made almost entirely of sharp corners which is not ideal for a baby.

Regardless of what happens in the film we’re already super excited.

Let’s be honest, we were excited for the sequel the moment we saw the first one!

The film is scheduled to be released on June 13 in the UK and June 15 in the US.

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