New IT Film Will Contain Scenes ‘Too Intense’ For The Original

Warner Bros. Pictures

If you were terrified during the original television adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, then you are going to struggle with the new much darker film.

The new adaptation of the popular scary story is definitely going to be one of the most frightening films of 2017, especially since it has now been revealed that it includes scenes that were considered too intense for the 1990 television movie that starred Tim Curry as Pennywise.

Even master of horror Stephen King, who famously dismisses many adaptations of his works, approves of the new film…

King’s approval just makes us even more excited to see the adaptation which will be split into two films and looks set to be much more faithful to the original material.

In an interview with French magazine Mad Movies, director Andy Muschietti spoke about how his film will look at character backstories that were originally considered to be too sensitive and dark.

He said:

This is an R-rated movie. I’m very happy about that, because it allows us to go into very adult themes.

Each ‘loser’ knows a situation of despair, on top of the terror of It and the fear of heights.

Beverly’s case is of course the worst, because it’s about sexual abuse on a minor. But each kid is neglected one way or the other.

Long story short, there’s all sorts of difficult situations, and we had the chance to tell them in a movie that faces directly those conflicts.

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This year’s IT will not only be more intense due to the sensitive nature of some of the material, but it will also be even more scary as the crew have also included many more of the nightmares from the original story.

In the same interview, producer Barbara Muschietti added that there was only one scene that was deemed to be too horrific to feature in the new adaptation.

She said:

To tell everything, you won’t find the scene where a kid has his back broken and is thrown in the toilets.

We thought that the visual translation of that scene had something that was really too much.

But for the rest, we removed nothing from our original vision, and we didn’t water down the violence of any event.

We believe the fans will be thankful to us for keeping that aspect of the novel in the movie.

You best be ready with a coat to hide behind then when IT creeps into cinemas September 8.