New Laws Are Bad News For Anyone Planning To Go To Magaluf


If ever there was a hell on earth I imagine it would be something like Magaluf. 

It’s the epicentre of cheap hedonism in the form of nos and £1 pints where thousands upon thousands of Brits flock every summer.

They drink, fuck, fight, and then they fly back to Yeovil. But now – Maga may be changing its tone once and for all, according to The Telegraph.


A new law established in the Majorca holiday resort means that the noise level in bars and restaurants must be kept below 60 decibels.

In case you didn’t know, an average telephone ringing is 80 decibels, laughter is 65. 60 decibels is the noise level created by an average conversation.

Interestingly bars wont even be able to sneak around the law as if the sound reaches above 65 decibels a sound limiter will be triggered which automatically mutes the volume in response.


Andreus Serra, deputy mayor of Calvia, said of the change:

This is not a decision that the town hall has made.

The same regulations are in place in Palma (the capital of Majorca), but it isn’t creating the same controversy.

There is a misconception that more noise means more business, but our priority is to ensure quality of life for our residents – and that means reducing pollution, be it noise pollution or any other form of pollution.

But not everybody is happy with the decision.


Leapy Lee, a musician who plays across Majorca, said:

It’s lunacy. I play in one place in Magaluf where customers are complaining because they can’t hear it.

A lot of performers I know have lost work this season. The bars are cancelling them because they can’t use them. Live bands can’t play at all because the volume trips the limiters straight away.

Of course Maga needed a clean up but a 60 decibel noise limit is definitely a bit too much.