New Lion King Trailer Is Identical To Original 1994 Film


Last night the first trailer for the new live-action Lion King movie hit the web, delighting Disney fans across the Pride Lands. 

Of course when you’re remaking a classic film like The Lion King (1994) people are going to draw comparisons between the remake and the original.

Check out The Lion King (2019) teaser here…

Surprisingly though it seems people are so excited about this particular film they’re even comparing the trailer to the film see how much of the legendary cartoon’s iconic imagery has made the leap to live-action.

And the answer is a lot has crossed over. In fact, judging by what we’ve got so far it’s almost a shot for shot remake of The Lion King’s memorable opening sequence.

Here’s the comparison if you don’t believe us…

Not to be a naysayer or a worrywart but I don’t necessarily think this is a great thing.

While it’s nice to see that Disney and The Lion King’s director Jon Favreau have gone out of their way to keep some of the original’s iconic imagery I hope it’s not going to be a straight remake like other Disney live-action films.


After all, the original film is one of the greatest animated movies ever made, so remaking it is a little pointless because the original is, to my mind at least, perfect. An opinion shared by many others.

Unless you’re bringing something new to it (and no the animation style doesn’t count) this is basically the cinematic equivalent of copying your mates homework note for note but hoping your teacher won’t notice because you’ve got different handwriting.

Thankfully the talent attached to this project means that it’s likely to be good. After all, Favreau’s a wonderful director who’s experience on the recent Jungle Book movie should have prepped him for making a film like this.

The Lion KingDisney

The Lion King’s cast also makes me positive about the project, I mean casting Donald Glover as Simba was pure genius and I’m sure we can almost all agree that Beyonce will kill it as Nala.

They’re not the only big names attached either. Chiwetel Ejiofor is set to star as the evil, Bill Eichner and Seth Rogen are playing Timon and Pumba, while James Earl Jones is returning as Mufasa.

The Lion King will roar its way into cinemas in July 2019.

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