New Live Action TV Ad For Star Wars Battlefront Stars Anna Kendrick


Normally when you think of Star Wars, you think of people happily getting raptured in the street like it ain’t no thing. Luckily, the new Star Wars Battlefront TV advert already knew that, as everybody vanishes from the street with grins on their faces. Neato.

Titled “Become More Powerful”, the kinda creepy/kinda cool trailer sees everyday folk getting beamed into Battlefront (naked, for some reason) to destroy the Empire or wipe out those Rebel scum.

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The vanishing pays homage to the way Obi-Wan-Kenobi pops his force-clogs in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope after Vader strikes him down. The trailer also star Anna Kendrick pretending to be a Jedi while cutting a sandwich. Because reasons.

EA and Sony already released one live-action trailer for Star Wars Battlefront last month, with both being put together by Sony as part of it’s marketing deal with EA.

Star Wars Battlefront is out one week today on November 17 on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.