New Lynx Bodyspray Advert Brilliantly Challenges Stereotypes Of Masculinity

by : UNILAD on : 17 Jan 2016 19:00

If like us, you’re pretty bored of seeing the same images of incredibly muscled men modelling the latest brand of Lynx bodyspray on your TV screens, you’ll be pretty stoked to see their new ad campaign.


Ditching those outdated stereotypes of masculinity and the machismo vibe which so often runs through these sort of advertising campaigns, Axe (as they’re known in the U.S., but Lynx to the rest of us) have decided to mix it up and provide an advert for the common man, if you will.

After all, as the gruff-voiced narrator puts it:

A six pack? Who needs a six pack when you’ve got the nose?


Big nosed, skinny guys everywhere, rejoice!

The commercial goes on to feature various other images of modern men, who don’t fit the usual mould of the guys we usually see in these types of adverts.

From the so-called nerds to the men who ‘rock those heels’, and even guys who have kittens crawling out of their beards, this is a far more inclusive advertising campaign than anything we’ve ever seen before.

And long may it continue, we say!

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    New Axe Body Spray Ad Dumps Macho Schtick for a New Type of Masculinity