New Magnificent 7 Trailer Drags Cowboys Into The Modern Era


The trailer for The Magnificent 7 remake has arrived and it looks as magnificent as you’d expect. 

The film will take us to Rose Creek, a town built around a gold mine which is being terrorised by a cruel baron and his gang.

After the cowardly bandits kill several people while trying to take over the town, a young widow, Haley Bennett, hires a Denzel Washington to chase them off giving him the money to hire six gunmen to help him on his mission.

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Directed by Antoine Fuqua the western will feature sharpshooting Denzel Washington, a grizzled Ethan Hawke and a seemingly sozzled Chris Pratt, Empire reports.

Completing the cowboy Avengers we have Terminator Genisys’s Lee Byung-hun, Daredevil’s Vincent D’Onofrio, Manuel Garcia Rulfo, Martin Sensmeier, who go up against the villainous Peter Sarsgaard.

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Like most modern trailers the editors seem to have taken a few tips from Marvel, mixing over the top action with quippy dialogue making it seem more like a Guardian of the Galaxy style romp than a hard edged western.

Honestly the film looks fun enough but I’m not sure if it’s got what it takes to compete with the iconic original.

The 1960s original of the same name, was itself a remake of the Japanese classic Seven Samurai however so who knows maybe it’ll surprise me.

The Magnificent 7 will be hitching a ride into cinemas on September 23.