New Mission Teased In Trailer For The Division Open Beta


The open beta for The Division begins today for Xbox One users, while PS4 and PC gamers can get started on February 19. To mark the impending beta, Ubisoft have dropped another trailer focusing on some of the cool new stuff you’ll get to try.

The Division’s open beta includes all the content from the previous closed beta (sans all the bugs and glitches, hopefully). There’s also an “all-new story mission” teased in the trailer. It’s called Subway Morgue, and during the mission you’ll encounter the mysterious faction known as The Cleaners.

Not the most menacing name, but I’m sure they’re cooler in action than in theory.

Everyone who takes part in the open beta will get a fabulous in-game reward for the full game when it comes out on March 8. No word yet what it is, but I’m sure you’ll cherish it for always.

If you were lucky enough to enjoy The Divison’s closed beta, your progress won’t continue over to the open beta, unfortunately. However, you will be able to use the same installation.

Of course, if you deleted the closed beta you’ll just have download the open one from scratch like a chump.