New Mother ‘Cut In Half’ By Hospital Lift While Being Transported


This story contains content of a graphic nature

A mother-of-three has been killed in an horrific hospital accident, just after giving birth to her daughter, when she was cut in two by a lift. 

Rocío Cortés Núñez, 26, from Seville, Spain, was being taken to a maternity unit by stretcher after waking up following a C-section.

The lift is understood to have started moving upwards before the stretcher and patient were fully in safely, following a suspected mechanical failure with the automatic lift door.

Local reports state the new mother’s body was divided in two, according to Spanish newspaper El Correo.

Her newborn was said to have been with Núñez at the time of the fatal incident, which occurred yesterday afternoon at the Valme Hospital in Seville, southern Spain, but survived unharmed.

It took firefighters two hours to reach the patient’s body after her head was trapped between the lift frame and roof. The mechanical failure left her feet dangling in the lift shaft.

Her ‘devastated’ brother-in-law, David Gaspar, told Europa News: “Something has to be done. This cannot go unpunished.”

Núñez leaves behind her husband and two other daughter, aged three and four.

An investigation is now underway.