New Netflix Feature Changes ‘Netflix And Chill’ Forever


The new era of ‘Netflix and chill’ has revolutionised dating – and it’s about to get better.

Netflix has appropriately taken advantage of this and are building their brand to suit: they’re introducing ‘Flixtapes’.

If you were born in or before the 90s, you may remember a thing called mixtapes, which was basically a way to communicate your affection for someone.


After that, mixtapes took a sad turn with mixed CDs, and finally, they were obliterated when the MP3 Player and iPod came out.

But Netflix is bringing the romance back. They’ve introduced a way to compile a mixtape of your favourite Netflix movies and TV shows and send it to your lover.

Because what’s a better way to show someone you care by temporarily ruining their social life with a TV show binge?

Just like mixtape love songs reflected your affection for someone, your Flixtape can too. Or, you can just put in your favourite shows to recommend to your friends.

You start by naming your Flixtape, and from there, Netflix tries to decipher what mood you’re in. The site will recommend viewing options based on your title, and you can adjust your Flixtape from there, Variety reports.

There’s also an ‘Inspire Me’ option if you get stuck.

And it also means your mates can send you recommendations for when you inevitably spend two hours trying to figure out what to watch.

Netflix’s Flixtape website also comes with a few pre-made playlists, like ‘The Kiss and Tell Flixtape’ and the ‘The Summertimes Flixtape’.

This not only makes ‘Netflix and chill’ more interesting, it also makes finding a show a whole lot easier.