New Open World Game ‘Conan Exiles’ Announced Along With Trailer


You know what franchise needs a new videogame? Conan The Barbarian. Right? Well, that’s what the folks at Funcom seem to think, so they’ve shared a trailer for their brand new game Conan Exiles. To be honest, it does sound kind of cool. 

Funcom, who previously worked on the PC MMO Age of Conan, describe it as a multiplayer focused open world survival game, taking place in the world of Conan. Again, that’s the barbarian, not the American chat show host… although there’s a game we’d pay good money to see.

You’ll not be taking control of Conan himself, but an exile left to fend for themselves in a hostile wasteland and expected to survive. Growing crops, building shelters, hunting, and crafting tools are just some of the things you’ll have to do to get by.

You’ll also be able to travel and explore a vast world, either with friends in private or public servers, or alone like the little hermit you are.

Funcom Creative Director Joel Bylos said:

There is no better setting for an open-world survival game than the world of Conan. Hyboria is a harsh and unforgiving land where only the strongest can survive while the weak are swiftly cut down. Whether it is hunting animals for food, fighting monsters and other players, or building entire settlements, we want to make sure players feel like they are really fighting to survive and prosper in the most brutal fantasy world ever.

Funcom are also promising fast paced, brutal combat with limbs flying all over the shop, and the ability to fight enemy players and sacrifice them on the altars of the Gods. Someone call Westboro Baptist Church, quick.

There’s no release date for Conan Exiles yet, but it’ll be launching on PC through Steam Early Access this Summer. A console version is also in the works.