New Outlast 2 Trailer Releases, Is Spectacularly Unnerving


We should be getting our first good look at Outlast 2 at PAX East this month, according to a creepy new video from developers Red Barrels Studio.

The studio released the unusual clip earlier today, featuring a cross against a cloudy sky, and some nonsensical gibberish recorded over the top.

Of course, all was not what it appeared to be. Eventually, somebody uploaded a version of the video in reverse, which reveals a much more coherent spoken message that mentions the fourth month and the 22nd day – or April 22, when PAX East kicks off in Boston.

The original Outlast was released back in 2013. A psychological survival horror that saw you explore an insane asylum armed with nothing but a camera, it was met with a lot of love from fans and critics. Naturally, a sequel is definitely something to get excited for.

You can watch both videos below. First is the original clip, then the reversed video for you to enjoy/get freaked out by. Your choice.

Outlast 2 has already been confirmed to be in development, and is slated to hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in Autumn. If we can trust the video, PAX East will mark the first time we get to see actual footage of the game though, which should be cool (or terrifying).