New Prison Break Trailer Reveals Massive Plot Twist


If you freaked out over last month’s Prison Break trailer, wait until you see this one.

A new teaser trailer for the show has just dropped and it reveals a shocking twist for the fate of Michael Scofield.

Prison Break has gone back to its original recipe, by reuniting the Burrows brothers. And that means – spoiler alert – Michael is alive and has been since the last season ended, despite what fans were shown.

But, you guessed it, he’s stuck in prison (this time in Yemen) and it’s down to his older bro Lincoln to rescue him.

But the plot has thickened since Comic-Con dropped last month’s trailer. Behind-the-scenes footage reveals that the new series will not be ‘as it seems’, and the fifth series won’t just be about breaking out of prison.

Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield says in the trailer: “Breaking out of prison is just the beginning. You have to break out of the country itself.”

And apparently season five is going to reveal the show’s ‘biggest ever escape’ to date. Dominic Purcell aka Lincoln Burrows said: “I think this is going to be better than the original Prison Break.” That’s a big statement, Lincoln.


Executive producer Dawn Olmstead added that ‘all the people that you loved in the original Prison Break’ would ‘all play a very significant role in helping Michael and Lincoln get out of that country’.

And with the added backdrop of global destinations, series creator Paul Scheuring said the brothers would find themselves in a place where it would be unclear who to trust. He said: “Everything is a threat from all sides, and you don’t know who to trust.”

You’ll have to wait until January 2017 to actually watch it, but so far, it sounds like Prison Break is shaping up to have it’s most epic season yet.