New PS4 Game ‘Wild’ Let’s You Ride Bears And Control Eagles

by : Mark Foster on : 28 Oct 2015 11:39

From the guy who brought us Rayman, Wild lets you charge around a mysterious wilderness as a magical shaman who can control animals. Oh and ride them into battle. Cool.


At this year’s Paris Game Week, Michel Ancel – the aforementioned Rayman man – took to the stage at Sony’s press conference to unveil his new endeavour, Wild. The open world survival focusses around traversing a wild and dangerous landscape, using only your wits and an army of badass animal companions.

Your character, referred to only as ‘Shaman’, must use his furry friends to help out his tribe by curing snake bites and scaring the shit out of rival groups. You can possess and call on a whole host of animals to aid you including eagles, bears, ravens and flopsy bunny rabbits.


Wild was first announced back in 2014 but has been laying super low until now. No release date is currently set.

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