New Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Trailer Teases Iconic Series Locations


Capcom want to take us on a trip down memory lane. It’s just that this time, memory lane is filled with flesh eating beasts that would wear your face as a hat. 

It’s the thought that counts, I guess.


Yep, the latest trailer for Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps is here. The upcoming third person shooter set in the Resi universe aims to remind us about the series we love by being absolutely nothing like the series we love, but by instead taking us on a tour of iconic locations from the franchise.

Still, it’s hard to complain too much when these familiar settings looks this good. We’re treated to a glimpse of Raccoon City from the excellent Resident Evil 2, as well as the Spanish village from Resident Evil 4 and Kijuju from 5. 


Capcom explained in a press release how the different maps will change up the gameplay:

The Raccoon City map features wide open city streets contrasted against a claustrophobic maze-like sewer system underneath. Players can take cover behind vehicles above ground, while cutting a path through the underground could prove to be advantageous.

The Police Station map is scattered with makeshift barricades throughout the halls but the overall lack of hiding places will maximize the frequent close quarter encounters. Using available cover effectively and utilizing the Tactical Shield for added protection will be the key to survival here.


The trailer also shows off some of the different gameplay modes that will be available in Umbrella Corps. 

The most interesting of these is the 3-on-3 “Multi Mission mode”, which throws random objectives into each game, and constantly forces you to adjust tactics on the fly.

Check out the trailer below for a grisly look at Umbrella Corps in action.

Capcom also announced the Upgrade Pack, which features skins for classic Resident Evil characters, as well as custom colours, weapons, and emotes. That’s available as an add-on for €14.99/£11.99/ $14.99

Alternatively if you’re a baller, you can go straight for the Deluxe Edition. That’s the standard game and Upgrade Pack, for €39.99/£32.99/$39.99

Those seeking a more traditional Resident Evil fix shouldn’t worry too much however. Umbrella Corps is only a spin off, and by all accounts it seems the upcoming Resident Evil 7 is keen to right the wrongs of the past.


Still, Umbrella Corps looks like it’ll be a decent bit of undead fun to tide us over till then. It’s out June 21 for PlayStation 4 and PC.