New South Wales Government Preparing ‘Mice Napalm’ To Stop Plague Spreading To Five Million

by : Julia Banim on : 02 Jun 2021 09:53
NSW Government Preparing 'Mice Napalm' To Stop Plague Spreading To Five MillionPA/United Artists

The government of News South Wales, Australia, is currently preparing ‘mice napalm’ in a bid to stop a plague of the rodents from increasing to five million.

As reported by Reuters, this region has been dealing with a plague of mice for several months, with heavy rains in recent years relieving Australia’s worst drought in half a century.


These wet weather conditions helped produce Australia’s biggest-ever grain crop. However, this also helped provide a bountiful food source for mice, who are known to thrive and reproduce very quickly once sustenance becomes readily available.

plague of mice in Australia (PA Images)PA Images

As per the Mail Online, mice, which become fertile at just six weeks old, are able to reproduce every 21 days.

Within a matter of weeks, a pair of mice may spawn a colony of 2000. A year of ideal conditions could lead to the mouse population hitting 1.5 million, with this number effectively doubling every three weeks afterwards.


With the burgeoning mice population continuing to thrive in perfect conditions, the New South Wales government has now decided to use a previously-banned chemical, referred to ‘napalm for mice’, to stop the plague from booming further.

The state government has now secured 5,000 litres of the extremely deadly rodent poison bromadiolone, having been put under pressure from communities.

plague of mice in Australia (PA Images)PA Images

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Bromadiolone is currently banned for agricultural use in Australia, and the state has offered to provide it free of charge if the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority gives its approval.

This measure is part of a $50 million government package intended to target the mouse outbreak. Agriculture minister Adam Marshall has reportedly stated that the poison would be ‘the equivalent of napalming mice’ within affected regions.

Marshall, said:

We’re at a critical point now where if we don’t significantly reduce the number of mice that are in plague proportions by spring, we are facing an absolute economic and social crisis in rural and regional New South Wales.

We’re having to go down this path because we need something that is super strength, the equivalent of napalm to just blast these mice into oblivion.


This poison has caused concern among many locals, as per The Independent, with Facebook group ‘Australian Wildlife’ claiming that pigeons were dying due to the poisoned mouse bait, and that other species, including fish and pets, could well be put at risk if the chemicals ended up in the local water supply or food chain.

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