New Star Wars Battlefront Teaser Trailer Shows Battle Of Jakku DLC


Star Wars Battlefront may be in that awkward limbo phase between open beta and full release, but that’s not going to stop trailers flying out of it left, right and centre. 

EA and Dice have released a teaser trailer for the free Battle of Jakku DLC that everybody will get their mitts on come December, and it looks pretty tasty.

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The Battle of Jakku dips into Star Wars history a little bit, as it takes place 29 years before the upcoming The Force Awakens movie, and just after the climactic Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi. It’s also on the battle-scarred planet we see in the trailers for the new movie. Remember that trashed Star Destroyer? Battle of Jakku.

The two new DLC maps will be available on December 1 for those who preorder, while everybody else will have to wait until a week later on December 8. EA hasn’t specified which modes will be playable on Jakku, but it’s reasonable to assume from the trailer that Walker Assault is going to be on the cards.

Star Wars Battlefront launches on November 17 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.