New Star Wars Fan Theory May Hold Key To Rey’s Origin


Star Wars fans were given a new hope in the franchise’s future by The Force Awakens, but it is one character’s past which has been subject to great debate.

Initially, fans were speculating that Rey could be either the granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi or the daughter of Luke Skywalker, but a new theory has suggested her heritage could actually be from the dark side.

As explained by Vincent Vendetta, the emerging theory is that Rey’s real grandfather is actually Emperor Palpatine.

The theory boils down to one simple link – they both love to lunge into a forward thrust with their lightsabers.

It may sound tenuous, but as pointed out by Vendetta, in the series of films so far Palpatine and Rey are the only characters to exhibit the move.

The official movie script even contains directions that Rey is on the verge of the dark side when she fights Kylo Ren.


So the big Skywalker family reunion scriptwriters would have us believe was on the cards seems pretty unlikely now.

Here’s hoping that if Rey is a descendant of Palpatine that we don’t just end up with borderline remakes of episodes 4-6 – Luke trains Rey, Rey finds the dark side appealing, learns who her father is, becomes good again…