New Study Reveals Highest Paid Jobs That Require No University Degree


If you sacked off going to University for a ‘gap yaah’ or just decided to try your luck in the real world, then you might not be any worse off than those who went in for a degree.

A new infographic published by i100 and put together by Statista shows the 10 highest paid jobs that you can get without slogging through three-to-four years of stress and student accommodation getting that precious BA (Hons).

According to the research, you can be turning over just shy of £60k a year as an equities trader, nearly £45k as a nuclear energy worker, and even a respectable £30k as a journalist without even a whiff of higher education.

i100/ Statista

In recent research by YouGov, one in four people questioned didn’t think a University education was necessary for a better start in life, while 38% felt that going into work straight out of school was a better choice than Uni.