New Tenants Of Oscar Pistorious Murder House Film Weird ‘Tour’ Video

by : UNILAD on : 12 Oct 2015 15:03
David-Scott-and-Kagiso-Mokoape netwerk 24David-Scott-and-Kagiso-Mokoape netwerk 24Netwerk 24

This fairly creepy video shows the new tenants of the house where Oscar Pistorious shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp taking a lighthearted tour of the mansion.


The incident, back on Valentine’s Day 2013, caught global media attention, and the following court case forced Pistorious to sell the property to cover his legal bills.

The paralympic athlete reportedly sold the house last year for around £250,000 (4.5 million rand), about £100,000 less than asking price, The Mirror reports.

Oscar-Pistorious crime scnee after shooting sapOscar-Pistorious crime scnee after shooting sapThe crime scene after the shooting - Credit: South African Police

David Scott and Kagiso Mokoape, two business partners, are now leasing the mansion in Pretoria, South Africa. They recorded this fairly dark footage, featuring the pair drinking beer and taking a tour of the house, including the bathroom where Oscar shot Reeva.


They say they’re going to turn it into a party house where ‘hot girls invite themselves’.

Poor taste.

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    New tenants of house where Oscar Pistorious killed Reeva Steenkamp swig beer as they film shocking jokey video