New Twist In Madeleine McCann Case Could Blow Investigation Wide Open


In a new twist in the Madeleine McCann case, police investigating her disappearance have a new person they want to question.

Funding was due to run out within weeks, but this fresh development has meant officers have been given an extra £85,000 to follow up what could be a very crucial lead, The Daily Express reports.

The Home Office’s grant of extra money will now see the search extended until September and will see the total cost of the investigation rise to £13 million.


Maddie vanished from her bed in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz almost a decade ago, in May 2007, while her parents were out for a meal with friends nearby.

Police said there is one key individual that they want to speak to, who was allegedly in the same area of Portugal when she went missing.

Intelligence agencies have been cooperating to find the ‘person of interest’, who detectives believe could help solve this case.


The Home Office confirmed last night the Metropolitan Police had been awarded the extra cash for Operation Grange to continue.

A Home Office spokesman said:

Following an application from the Metropolitan Police for special grant funding the Home Office has confirmed £85,000 in operational costs for Operation Grange for the period April 1 until September 2017.

As with all applications the resources required are reviewed regularly and careful consideration is given before any new funding is allocated.


Senior officers are the first to admit this new lead is the ‘last throw of the dice’ in their hunt.

Time will only tell whether this latest development gets us only closer to finding out what really happened to little Madeleine McCann.