New Ubisoft Game Seemingly Hidden In Watch Dogs 2



Watch Dogs 2 is a pretty big game, so it’d make sense that- as with all open world adventures – there’d be a secret or two hiding in there. 

One such Easter egg nestled away in the hacker adventure involves a possible tease for a brand new Ubisoft game – but it could just as easily be nothing at all.

Do be aware that minor spoilers for the game follow, if you were hoping to go in completely fresh.

Kotaku reports that Watch Dogs 2 has a mission in which the player needs to make off with a trailer for an unannounced game from none other than Ubisoft.

The company’s San Francisco office actually appears in the game, which suggests that Ubisoft are committed to at least a small element of reality.

The game in question seems to be some kind of space/sci-fi adventure that (in the world of Watch Dogs 2) they plan to announce at E3.

Check out the ‘trailer’ for yourself below.

Could Ubisoft really be about to enter the digital space race themselves, or is this nothing more than a fun Easter egg put in to get people talking about the game?

Watch Dogs 2 comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 15, and PC November 29.