Women Dress Their Boobs As Rudolph In Viral Christmas Craze

by : Francesca Donovan on : 17 Dec 2016 15:14
Max Fleischer

With holiday festivities in full swing, it’s fair to say every inch of our bodies is tingling with the tidings of Christmas.


These women are channelling the goodwill direct from the very hearts in their chest… Or should I say breast?

In the jolliest viral Christmas craze Instagram has ever seen, women have been adorning their boobs to look like Rudolph.

Taking the new Rudolph Snapchat filter next level, this Burlesque performer kicks of this Christmas craze by letting Santa’s second-hand man join in with her reindeer game.


Her pal got in on the act too, paying homage to the latest bizarre fashion trend inspired by burlesque: The glitter nipple.

I’m guessing this take on Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer has a particular brand of pulling power.


There’s no denying this Rudolph has a very shiny nose, as modelled by a woman with a clever Christmas way of (almost) freeing the nipple.


Rocking a similar one-shoulder and one-breast look, this woman seems delighted with her new side(boob)kick, as she rides in her one boob open sleigh.


Even guys are getting in on the act, if reluctantly by the looks of this guy’s face.

Santa’s famous ninth reindeer takes pride of place in this woman’s brilliantly daring Christmas party costume.

Who knew Rudolph would be helping women defy Instagram’s strict nipple censorship rules over the holidays?

Noting the craze, some clever knitwear companies have even started producing ‘Reindeer Boob’ jumpers, so you can get involved in a less NSFW way and keep both of your nipples warm.

I bet the other reindeer aren’t laughing at Rudolph anymore.

Proceed with caution and beware of frostbite.

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