New Xbox Live Ad Fires Serious Shots At PSN


It might be Christmas, but that isn’t stopping Microsoft and Sony from continuing their endless, bitter console war – a new Xbox Live ad only fuels the flames. 

The funny new ad depicts former NFL star Marshawn Lynch adjusting to life as some kind of office assistant, although he doesn’t appear to be very good at the job.

In fact, he seems more concerned with spending all of his time playing Xbox One – check it out below.

Scratch the surface though, and there’s some serious shade hidden underneath the humour. The ad claims that Xbox Live is the ‘network that won’t let you down’ – an apparent dig at Sony’s own PlayStation Network.

A third-party report published earlier in the year found Xbox Live to be faster and more reliable than the PlayStation Network, so perhaps Microsoft are basking in those findings.

This isn’t the first time the house of M have fired shots at Sony this year – back in October an ad for the Xbox One S reveled in the fact that neither the PS4 Slim or Pro models have a 4k Blu-Ray player.

Naturally, the festive season is a time when all manner of folk will start to consider whether it’s time to invest in a new console, making it a seriously competitive time for Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo meanwhile, will probably just sit back with a few beers – it’s definitely out of this year’s race.