New Zealand Advert Teaches Us How To Deal With Door Salespeople



When people knock on the door wanting to sell you shit it’s frustrating, right? A New Zealand company called Energy Online has taken it upon themselves to show the world how you can best repel salespeople. 

The approach will take a bit of planning, makeup, and patience, but if you can get just one salesperson to go away using this tactic I say…worth it.

You may be able to skip all that planning though if you have real fantasy creatures for friends that are happy to protect your house 24/7…

As far as I can tell the advert is actually taking a dig at their own door to door salespeople. I guess the old tactic doesn’t lead to many conversions for them so they’re aim is to try a more aggressive form of online content marketing. Fair play.

It’s always refreshing to see creative advertising online and New Zealand sure is good at constantly promoting itself as an awesome land.