News Anchor Tries To Kiss Weather Girl, Gets Brutally Rejected


Ever go in for a kiss, get rejected, and immediately regret what you’ve done? It was probably pretty bad, right? Try doing it on live TV.

It all started when Australian sports reporter Tony ‘Chompers’ Jones came on set to say farewell to work colleague and weather reporter Rebecca Judd before she set off on maternity leave.

He started off with some harmless football talk, and then put his arm around his co-worker – creepy, but only a small indication of the painfully awkward situation to come.


From here on out, it’s basically like watching someone try and make out with their high school crush.

Jones leant in silently and suddenly after Judd stopped speaking, creeped in from the side, and went straight for it.

Obviously, it didn’t go well for him:

There’s no two ways about this – it’s awkward as fuck. Unexpected, unwanted gestures of affection are bad at the worst of times, let alone when you’re on live TV.

It all ended in a polite but obviously painful laugh from all the hosts – the uncomfortable kind that usually follows non-consensual displays of affection in the workplace.

Cue a commercial break – which is good, because I think if it were any more awkward we all would have died from second hand embarrassment.

Moral of the story? If you’re unsure on whether to go in for a hug or a handshake with your workmates, definitely don’t go in for a kiss.