Newscaster Has Some Very Strong Things To Say About Today’s Men

by : UNILAD on : 12 Mar 2016 11:03

This newscaster certainly didn’t pull any punches in a recent video piece.


Tomi Lahren uploaded a clip to her Facebook page titled ‘Where are the Men?’ and it’s since gone viral, for obvious reasons, racking up over 2.7 million views since it was posted two days ago.

In it, the self-described ‘news personality’ tears men everywhere a new one, essentially saying they’re weak as shit pussies who need to man up.

After a quick intro she dives right into the controversy, asking her viewers: “Is it just me or have men gotten really soft these days?”


Where are the Men?Is it just me or have men gotten really soft these days?

Posted by Tomi Lahren on Thursday, 10 March 2016

Tomi continues by claiming this new softness is partly responsible for the ‘breakdown of the American family’ which is ‘ruining her country’, before slating feminists for ‘demonising masculinity’.

She then holds up frat boys as the supposed last defence against ‘an all-out pansy fest’.

Tomi thinks today’s men are ‘helpless’ and can’t change a lightbulb, a tyre, or oil in a car – because apparently the ability to put a tyre on a car is the definition of manliness.


She continues by asserting that a ‘flannel shirt and beard doesn’t make you a man’, and that millennial men ‘don’t have jobs and use their parent’s credit card to buy girl’s drinks at the bar’.

So what’s responsible for this epidemic of ‘pansyness’? Tomi thinks ‘it’s the way men are raised’, claiming fatherless homes and men taking their son to the women’s bathroom are possible causes.

Unsurprisingly, her controversial views on what makes a real man have rightly received some criticism.


The top comment on her video sums it up nicely:


Couldn’t have said it better. While being able to change a tyre is an extremely useful life skill, it definitely doesn’t define what a ‘real man’ is.

Plus she liked her own post, what a prat…

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