NFL Star’s Fiancée Might’ve Just Sent This Group Text To All His Mistresses


Jade African
Well this is awkward, but also hilarious.

Super Bowl winning wide receiver Victor Cruz looks to be in some hot water. Boiling hot water.

It would appear that whilst the New York Giants man enjoys playing in front of home crowds at the MetLife Stadium he also loves playing away, a lot.

The 28-year-old has allegedly been rumbled by his wife-to-be, and according to MediaTakeOut she has made sure he is punished in the most cunning of ways.

Having got hold of the numbers of multiple women thought to be meeting Cruz on the sly, Elaina Watley decided that the best course of action is that they all be introduced to one another in the fastest way possible.

The mother of Cruz’ three-year-old daughter has supposedly sent a mass text to the many other women involved with her man as a means of opening the gates of hell.

Well this story, if true, does nothing to help improve the reputation of the NFL or the behaviour of its stars.

The Giants are due to play the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, it remains to be seen whether Cruz will have come out of hiding for it.