NHS Grants Grandad’s Dying Wish To See His Dog One Final Time

by : UNILAD on : 30 Mar 2018 15:18
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It’s times like this we really understand how fantastic the NHS truly is.


These photographs speak for themselves. They tell their own story. One of a dying man whose final wish on this Earth was to see his beloved dog, just one last time.

The dying granddad, Peter Robson, removed his breathing mask and gently moved over to his loyal border collie to say goodbye for one final time.

Ashley Stevens/Facebook

A family member lifted up the collie – who proceeded to wag his tail excitedly and lick Robson’s face, reports the Mirror.


Normally, pets are strictly banned from NHS premises however, the staff overcame infection laws due to the exceptional and tragic circumstances of Robson’s case.

In a Facebook post, Ashley, Peter’s granddaughter, said:

Absolutely amazed and touched today from NHS Ninewells hospital, our grandad’s last and final wish was to see his dog one more time.

Still in shock the wish was granted and they went above and beyond today and made a dying man very happy.

Cheryl White charge nurse of Ward 3 you are an absolute angel and we are all eternally grateful you don’t know what this meant to our grandad.

I’ll let these moments do the talking, thank you NHS. Please share this, everyone needs to know what amazing nurses and staff they have in that hospital.

Amazingly, the entire encounter was not only pictured, but filmed too, so the family can relive the incredible moment, which has since gone viral, over and over again.

Posted by Ashley Stevens on Thursday, 29 March 2018

In the video you can hear the person recording holding back her tears as she films the special few seconds. I guarantee it’ll bring a tear to your eyes – I know it did mine.

Ward 3 Senior charge nurse, Fiona McCallum, also spoke highly of Cheryl White, adding:

I am so proud of Cheryl and the rest of the team for this caring and compassionate act.

The team worked with colleagues in infection control to make this possible and I can’t thank them all enough for going above and beyond to bring some comfort to Mr Robson and his family.


Shortly after the visit from his dog, Mr Robson passed away surrounded by his family. Although his loss will almost certainly bring on an unbearable sadness to his family, the fact his dying wish came true is truly beautiful.

Ashley Stevens/Facebook

NHS Tayside Chief Executive, Lesley McLay, added:

Our thoughts are with Mr Robson’s family as they deal with their loss at this difficult time.

The ward 3 team has done a wonderful thing for this family. It’s often the little things that mean the most to patients and their families and I’m so pleased the staff were able to grant this wish.

The team in ward 3 were the first ever Gold Outstanding Team winners in our STAR Awards last year and with actions like this, it’s not hard to see why.

Our thoughts go out to Mr Robson’s family at this difficult time.

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