NHS Releases Terror Warning Ahead Of Bank Holiday Weekend


On Tuesday evening, the ears of the UK pricked up when it was announed that the terror level would be raised from severe to critical in the wake of the Manchester Arena suicide attack.

As I’m sure you are all aware – the critical terror threat level is the highest attainable level and suggests a high likelihood the UK could suffer another terrorist attack ‘imminently’.

Now the threat has taken an even sinister turn with NHS trauma centres being told to prepare for a potential terrorist attack this bank holiday weekend.

The letter, obtained by the Health Service Journalwas written by Chris Moran, NHS England’s national clinical director for trauma, and was sent to the UK’s 27 trauma cetres.


It reads:

The trauma community in Manchester has provided a tremendous response to the atrocity on Monday night and this is a credit to their dedication and clinical skills and also the preparation that has taken place.

You will be aware that we have a bank holiday weekend approaching.

There are a number of things that all trauma units and major trauma centres can do to prepare for a further incident and I should be grateful if you could disseminate these within your network so that front-line clinicians are aware.

Trauma centres are set up to deliver immediate care and treatment to those with the most severe injuries that could potentially result in death.

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A seperate letter informed hospital staff across the country to make sure they have enough equipment and blood supplies as well as doing checks to see if there are any patients that could be discharged in order to make more room should anything tragic occur.

It’s times like these when we realise just how vital the NHS really are.