Nicest Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Ever Loses On Purpose


Could this be the nicest game show contestant ever? In one of the most bizarre moments in the history of Wheel Of Fortune a contestant named Nura Fountano deliberately lost the final money round. 

It seems that the US armed forces veteran, who was appearing on the show during Veterans Week threw the last round so her comrades could take home some extra cash.

Nura guessed the letters ‘z’ and ‘x’ – which were clearly wrong, and even failed to provide any answer on two occasions.

Nura’s performance was saluted on social media with many people praising her obvious gesture of kindness.


After the round ended, she had enough money to win the game and advance to the final puzzle.

However, her guesses caused confusion among both viewers and host Pat Sajak, who probed her after the round had finished:

Sajak: “Now… may I ask you a question?”

Nura: “Sure.”

Sajak: “You called some unusual letters in that round?”

Nura: “That’s what I saw.”

Sajak: “Well that was an unsatisfactory answer… but she’s not under oath.”

What a nice lady.