Nicholas Cage Returns Stolen Dinosaur Skull To Mongolia

Hemdale Film Corporation

In a bizarre story which sounds like a deleted scene from his terrible movie National Treasure, actor Nicholas Cage has agreed to return a rare dinosaur skull to the Mongolian government.

Sadly, Cage himself didn’t happen upon the Tyrannosaurus bataar skull through some kind of archaeological adventure, but actually bought the artefact in 2007 at auction, unaware that it had been stolen.

As reported by Reuters, Cage bought the skull for $276,000 (£185,000) from a Beverley Hills gallery, reportedly outbidding Leonardo di Caprio along the way.


The gallery actually issued him with a certificate of authenticity but there was more to this story than met the eye, and when Cage was contacted and informed that the skull had actually been taken illegally from Mongolia, he agreed to return it to its rightful owners.

Mongolia criminalised the export of dinosaur fossils in 1924 but, according to the BBC, more than a dozen stolen Mongolian fossils have been recovered since 2012, including three full Tyrannosaurus bataar skeletons.


The Tyrannosaurus bataar was related to the classic T-Rex (last seen chasing Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World) and lived approximately 70 million years ago.

The dino’s remains have only been discovered in Mongolia, which is probably why so many collectors are keen to get their hands on its fossils.

We can only imagine the number of bizarre facial expressions ol’ Nick Cage pulled when he found out about all of this!