Nigel Benn Biography, Boxing, Retirement, Son, Family and Net Worth

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Nigel Benn Biography Boxing Retirement Son Family Net WorthNigel Benn Biography Boxing Retirement Son Family Net WorthKellingley/Twitter

Nigel Benn is a retired British boxer who has held both middleweight and super-middleweight titles. Since retiring, Benn has had a high-profile battle with drug and sex addictions before becoming a born-again Christian.


Who is Nigel Benn, how old is he, when is his birthday, how tall is he, where is he from and what is his background?

Nigel ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Benn is a retired super-middleweight boxer. He was born in Ilford, London, on January 22, 1964 and is 1.77 metres tall, according to BoxRec.com.

His parents moved to the UK from Barbados before he was born, and he is the second youngest of seven brothers, currently aged 55.

After finishing school Benn was an infantryman in the British army for four years, serving in Germany and in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. As an amateur boxer he won 41 of his 42 fights and turned professional in 1987.


Why is Nigel Benn famous and what is his occupation?

Nigel Benn is one of Britain’s most famous boxers. He has held both world middleweight and super-middleweight titles.

What is Nigel Benn’s net worth?

According to The-Net-Worth.com, Benn has a net worth of $20 million.

How much does Nigel Benn earn?

Since retirement Nigel Benn has largely been living off the wealth from his boxing heyday in the 90s. He allegedly has six properties in Majorca.


How much does Nigel Benn weigh?

Nigel Benn reportedly weighs 166 pounds or 76kg.

Is Nigel Benn married, who has he dated in the past, was he married, who is his wife?

Nigel Benn married Caroline Jackson in September 1996. Previously he was married to Sharon Crowley. He also had a relationship with Lisa Andrews and she is the mother of his son Harley.

Is Nigel Benn vegan?

Nigel Benn is not a vegan, he advises boxers to eat a lot of boiled chicken, bananas and porridge.

What happened to Nigel Benn?

After retiring from boxing Nigel Benn had a well-publicised period of drinking, drug taking and womanising. More recently he has become a born-again Christian and part-time pastor. Benn moved to Australia in 2011 and trains disadvantaged boxers in Sydney.

Nigel Benn Biography Boxing Retirement Son Family Net WorthNigel Benn Biography Boxing Retirement Son Family Net WorthNigelGBenn/Twitter

Who has Nigel Benn fought in boxing matches, how many fights has he won, what are his most famous fights?

In 1990, Benn fought Doug DeWitt of the USA to win the WBC middleweight championship. He defended this title later that year, beating Iran Barkley whom he knocked down three times. Late in 1990 Benn fought British rival Chris Eubank and this fight was even up until the eighth round when Eubank was knocked to the floor. Eubank then got up and fought back strongly. The referee called the fight for Eubank in the ninth round and said it was the most dramatic fight he had ever refereed. Benn then won another six fights to work his way back into contention for a world championship.


In October 1992 Benn fought Mauro Galvano. In the fourth round Galvano was unable to continue due to a severe cut and Benn was awarded the win and with it the WBC super-middleweight title by a TKO. Benn defended this title against Nicky Piper, Lou Gent and Mauro Galvano, before meeting Chris Eubank again in October 1993, this time in the super-middleweight category. This fight was declared a draw.

Benn defended his title twice in 1994 before meeting Gerald McClellan. Benn was the underdog  and was knocked down twice before rallying in the 10th round and knocking McClellan to the ground. After the fight was finished, McClellan was found to be severely injured, suffering a blood clot on the brain. As a result he is now completely blind, largely deaf and dependant on a wheelchair.

Benn was never the same after the fight and said it was impossible to take any joy from having given the performance of his life when his opponent was left permanently injured. Benn continued to defend his super-middleweight title, fighting Nardiello and Danny Perez before losing twice to Steve Collins. He retired from boxing while still in the ring during this second loss.

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