Nigel Farage Tries To Blame Kill The Bill Protests On BLM, Immediately Shut Down

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Nigel Farage Tries To Blame Kill The Bill Protests On BLM, Immediately Shut DownITV/PA Images

Nigel Farage attempted to blame the Kill the Bill protests on the Black Lives Matter movement, but was quickly shut down by Twitter-users.

The former UKIP leader’s comments come after protests in Bristol turned violent yesterday, March 21, which left two police officers badly injured.


The bill will increase police powers surrounding protests, meaning they’ll be able to impose a start and finish time as well as setting noise limits to protests consisting of as little as one person.


Describing yesterday’s events as ‘anarchy’, Farage wrote on Twitter alongside a video of police vans that had been set on fire, ‘In Bristol tonight we see what the soft-headed approach to the anti-police BLM leads to. Wake up everyone, this is not about racial justice.’

‘These people want all-out anarchy and street violence,’ he added.


Farage was quickly shut down, however, with many pointing out that yesterday’s violence had nothing to do with BLM.

Good Morning Britain’s Alex Beresford replied: ‘Sorry, what has BLM got to do with the scenes in Bristol?’

Someone else replied to him, ‘What’s #BristolProtest got to do with #BlackLivesMatter? It’s only because UK is institutionally racist that you ALWAYS get away with using RACIST rhetoric to deflect & distract’.


Another wrote, ‘Do you have personal evidence that it’s a BLM protest when all other MSM state it’s an anti-Policing Bill protest. Or do you just want to stoke the fires of racial hatred – as usual?’

Another said:

Nigel Farage knows it has nothing to do with BLM but he wants to stoke up more racism in the UK. These are protests against freedoms – and as he is part of the establishment he will divert you to blame ethnic groups.


Farage later doubled down on his comments in a separate tweet where he dubbed the Bristol protest as an ‘extension’ of BLM’s anti-police protests.

The 56-year-old wrote, ‘The BLM protests were anti-police, it is a key goal of the organisation. The worrying events in Bristol tonight are an extension of that. We have given into and encouraged the extreme left, and this is the result.’

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Someone responded by homing in on the fact that yesterday’s protest was purely in protest of the government’s new plans. They said, ‘[It’s] More to do with a government trying to force through a bill that massively effect the right to protest (for the left and the right) it’s actually one thing we should be standing together to shout about.’

Many other pointed out that it was inevitable that there would be pushback regarding the new bill as it arguably changes people’s right to protest.

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