Orlando Shooter’s Dad Posts Controversial Homophobic Apology

by : UNILAD on : 13 Jun 2016 15:00


The father of mass murderer Omar Mateen has reportedly said his son shouldn’t have killed gay people – because ‘God himself will punish those involved in homosexuality’.


In the video – translated by the Washington Post – Seddique Mateen described his 29-year-old son as ‘a good son and an educated son’ who was ‘very dignified’ and had ‘respect for his parents’.

According to the Daily Mail, in an earlier interview, he also said his son seemed normal when he saw him just hours before the mass shooting, and denied suggestions he was radicalised or a Daesh sympathiser.


Mr Mateen repeatedly said he is ‘saddened’ by the mass killing – the deadliest in U.S history – and that he did not understand what caused his son to launch the attack.


This contradicts a previous statement in which he said his son became very angry when he saw two men kissing in front of his wife and child in Miami two months ago.

Investigators haven’t yet revealed a definite motive for the massacre, however Omar Mateen reportedly called 911, pledging his allegiance to ISIS just moments before he began shooting his victims.


The Daily Mail also reports that Seddique Mateen regularly writes open letters to President Barack Obama and visited Congress, the State Department and political leaders during a trip to Washington, D.C.last year.

He hosts his own show, called the Durand Jirga Show, where he discusses politics in the Dari language and, in videos posted online, he has expressed support and gratitude toward the Afghan Taliban, while denouncing the Pakistani government.

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  1. Daily Mail

    'Pro-Taliban' father of Orlando shooter says his son should not have attacked gay club because 'homosexuals will be punished by God'