No 10 Photoshop Poppy Onto Photo Of David Cameron, Internet Reacts Brilliantly

FaceThumbSpot the difference...

Welcome to the latest political scandal to hit Westminster – Poppygate.

If you’ve not heard the news already, Downing Street were found to have digitally added a remembrance poppy onto a photo of David Cameron. The image was then used on their official Facebook page.

The change was first noticed by eagle-eyed Twitter user Dylan Morris:

According to The Guardian the original photo was actually uploaded to Facebook way back in July, and has already been widely used in Downing Street publicity materials.

A spokesperson for No 10 said the embarrassing incident – now called ‘Poppygate’ – was due to an ‘oversight’ and that the digitally enhanced picture has been removed.

Not before Twitter had their fun with it, though…