No One Can Work Out WTF This Friends Extra Is Up To


Despite Friends being on our screens for over a decade, totting up an incredible 236 episodes and basically being unavoidable on daytime TV, we all somehow managed to miss one weird moment.

In everyone’s defence though it wasn’t one of the stars like Chandler, Ross or Rachel, instead it was a background extra who somehow managed to steal a scene without even saying a line, Mashable reports.

The extra, who was spotted by comedian Nick Turner, appears to be chewing on something, which would be fine if her character was eating and not clearly drinking coffee.

We can only guess that the milk Gunther used was out of date and maybe a bit chunky?

Thankfully people on Twitter put together their collective noggins and brainstormed some theories to explain the chomping.

One thought maybe the extra was simply washing something down…

A valid theory although there doesn’t seem to be any food or plates on the table so unless she hid the pastry in her mouth then we doubt this is the case.

Others had a better theory…

Or of course it could have just been a tired and underpaid extra who wasn’t really thinking about the scene and messed up.

It wouldn’t be the first time a Friends actor dropped the ball, remember the one where when Matt LeBlanc fell to pieces after a Matthew Perry gag?