No One Knows Why Chinese Tourists Keep Mysteriously Appearing In This Village


We hear stories of aliens, and ghosts, and mysterious goings-on all the time, but what we don’t hear too much about is rogue tourists coming out of nowhere and taking pictures of everything. 

Entirely out of the blue, fuck tonnes of Asian tourists began flocking to the large village of Kidlington three weeks ago, and proceeded to take photos of absolutely everything.

Not only were they taking photos of the village’s historic treasures, but taking photos of peoples modern middle class houses.

And the weirdest thing? Nobody has any idea why.

Kidlington only has a population of 13,000 yet every week a busload of tourists arrive armed with cameras and inquisition.

Many of the locals have began to create conspiracy theories surrounding the random bulk arrival of tourists taking to the Kidlington Facebook group to talk.

Such theories include the village featuring in an old episode of Inspector Morse and Midsomer Murders, or perhaps Kidlington’s links to businessman Richard Branson.


Others have claimed that the tourists are mistaking the houses in Kidlington for the houses lived in by the Dursley’s in Harry Potter.

Taking to a Kidlington Facebook page, residents said:

They always come on Thursdays because that’s when the bins go out. I have seen them taking photos of the dustbins.

They tend to get a bit up close and personal to the houses, walking up to the windows and on the gardens.

They also come up and film the roses. They were mostly taking photos of flowers. I have never seen tourists in the area before. I have no idea why they might be coming.


Another added:

I have been working in the garden or hanging washing up and they come up and smile. If you interact, they ask for a photo but they don’t speak any English whatsoever.

I’m in the garden quite a bit and it is strange but it is nice. They are very friendly and really interested in everything we are doing.

I equate it to us going on holiday to Greece or somewhere and taking photos of all the pretty houses. It just seems a bit bizarre when you are in a middle class housing estate.

However it’s not all good news for the tourists as the Thames Valley Police, who are based in Kidlington, have been called out to intervene with some of the rogue tourists who have been wandering into peoples gardens and picking flowers.

What a bizarre set of circumstances.