No One Noticed This Incredible Detail In The New IT Trailer

New Line Cinema

You’re probably among the 22 million people who have already seen the trailer for the IT reboot.

If you haven’t watch the tense two and a half minutes yet, it’s fair to assume you’re living under a rock, haven’t paid your broadband bill or that Pennywise has dragged you down into the sewers with Georgie and the wifi reception is crap.

Regardless, there’s an incredible reference in the brand new shiny IT trailer that those who have been paying attention almost certainly missed.

Can’t figure it out? Watch the trailer below and see if you can spot it:

Andres Muschetti’s upcoming remake has thus far appeared very faithful to the 1990 mini-series made for television.

You can see just how faithful in the trailer below:

Bu the reboot will include a character left out of the original adapted narrative.

Any bookworms out there may remember a chilling passage in Stephen King’s novel during which Pennywise takes the form of a leper and tells Eddie, ‘Won’t do you any good to run, girly boy.’

Some hawk-eyed viewers have noticed the leper lurking in the background of Muschetti’s trailer, chasing Eddie and snarling.

New Line Cinema

For a better look at your worst nightmare, here’s a photograph taken by Amy Wilson and posted to Lilja’s Library showing the leper on set, played by ‘creature performer’ Javier Botet.

Amy Wilson/Lilja's Library

So it turns out The Losers’ Club is going to face more fears than we’ve seen on screen thus far in the IT saga.

IT will be released in UK cinemas on September 8 later this year.