No, This Movie Theatre Prank In The U.S. Was NOT Funny


Police are searching for a group of dickheads who ran into a U.S. cinema and terrified moviegoers by setting off a leaf blower, which many mistook for a chainsaw.

Apparently, these totally hilarious pranksters thought that breaking into a movie theatre hot on the heels of several cinema shootings and other attempted attacks in the U.S. would be a fantastic idea.

The gang interrupted the screening of horror film The Gift in Newport Beach, California, and the sound of the leaf blower understandably caused mass panic and people stormed out of the theatre, with three suffering injuries in their desperation to escape.

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Police said two or more men entered the theatre, making the loud noises with a handheld machine and causing the widespread terror, after one shouted, “I’ve got a chainsaw!”

In the stampede of people running out of the cinema, the suspects were able make their own escape through an emergency exit.

The prank follows a shooting at a screening of comedy film Trainwreck in Louisiana, which killed two people and injured nine more.