Nobody Can Decide Who Is In The Wrong Over This Dramatic Crash

Simon Burrell/YouTube

A cyclist’s helmet camera caught the shocking moment a fellow biker almost collided with a lorry, sparking an unholy row between biker and motorist, and the footage has divided YouTube.

The incident took place at a busy box junction, when a group of riders pulled up on the left of a large HGV.

You can watch what happened next in the clip below:

As the lorry appears to swerve left, almost dragging the lead cyclists under it’s huge wheels, the driver receives a torrent of abuse from the injured party’s companions, who called him a ‘fucking idiot’.

The lorry driver is quick to defend himself, yelling: “Look where you are in the road,” and schooling the cyclists, adding:

Are you fucking kidding, mate? You’ve gone in the left-hand lane and come on my inside on an artic(ulated lorry), when over and over it tells you on the adverts ‘Do not go on the fucking left-hand side of an artic’.

Simon Burrell/YouTube

YouTubers have been divided over the video, with some siding with the man on two wheels and some saying the man on 18 was in the right.

One person said: “Why is he stupid enough to cycle up there? just hang back behind the lorry,” while another regular cyclist also sided with the lorry driver.

One observer claims that watching the lorry’s tyres shows the driver proceeded in a ‘perfect straight line’.

He added:

It was the cyclist who swerved in front of the lorry, from an invisible position in the driver’s blind spots. The cyclist should have hung back knowing he had nowhere to go.

Simon Burrell/YouTube

He concluded with some sterling advice, saying: “Never ride in blind spots ever. If you can’t see the driver, he cannot see you.”

Stay safe on those roads, kids.