NOPE: ‘Brainwashing’ Worms Erupt Out Of Cricket In Disgusting Video


Revolting footage of parasitic worms escaping a cricket’s body has surfaced – and it’s not for the faint of heart.

The disgusting video shows what appears to be horsehair worms squirming out of the crushed insect after someone stepped on it.

It’s fucking disgusting.


One guy can be heard saying:

After I stepped on it it looked dead. Then a few seconds later Jarred’s like what the fuck?

I did not know it, like, had shit crawling out of it.

Another man in the background can be heard calling it a ‘zombie cricket’ controlled by the parasites.

Capture (2)YouTube

Horsehair worms can develop inside crickets and grasshoppers over weeks or months, according to the Daily Mail. Once their host is near water, they finally burst free at adulthood.

After emerging, the thin worms usually swim away and mate. Which now means that I will be avoiding small ponds and streams forever.

Bizarrely, the guy who called the insect a ‘zombie cricket’ wasn’t far off – the parasites are thought to ‘brainwash’ their hosts, causing erratic behaviour and making them commit suicide by jumping into water.

Don’t think disgusting, brainwashing thread-like worms could get any worse? They can grow up to two metres long.


It’s not clear whether or not the guys in the video knew this, but they made a makeshift flamethrower to torch the shit out of it anyway. And from what we can see in the video, it worked – the cricket and the parasitic worms look deader than dead.

Maybe think twice before stepping on a cricket next time…