NOPE: Disgusting Moment Doctors Remove ‘Golf Ball-Sized’ Lump On Man’s Neck

by : UNILAD on : 27 Feb 2016 12:27


Just a quick warning in case you didn’t already know – this is really, really grim.


This footage capture the stomach-churning moment that a man with a cyst the size of a golf ball gets it removed from his neck.

The man – called David in the video – can be seen leaning forward as the doctor makes an incision into the huge lump. As he prods the area, the doctor claims that ‘there’s definitely some puss in there’. Can the mind vomit?

He then tells ‘David’ to move his hair out of the way as he’s about to drain the giant spot. But this beast won’t just pop with a few squeezes, oh no that’d be far to easy. He has to apply a scalpel to the spot- yikes.


The doctor apologises as he cuts a little deeper and within a matter of seconds the cyst pops and a load of yellow puss comes flooding out. Grim.

As the doctor cuts even further into the spot, more of this disgusting liquid squirts out. After a pretty horrendous four-and-a-half-minutes the procedure is finally over and the lad is left with an inch wide cut on the back of his neck.

This operation – which is believed to have taken place in the U.S. – was uploaded to YouTube this month and has been viewed more than 7,000 times.

I do not envy that lad whatsoever, poor guy.

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    Footage shows what horrified doctors found inside 'golf ball-sized' lump on man's neck