NOPE: Doctor Removes Massive Knife From Guy’s Eye While He’s Still Awake

knife unpixelatedLiveLeak

If you think having a tooth pulled at the dentist is bad, this gross video of a man having a knife pulled out of his eye will probably make you realise what a baby you’re being. 

In the video the man, who seems pretty calm considering he’s got a fucking carving knife coming out of his eye, gives the doctors the OK and then they start to pull.

But it’s only as we see the doctor struggle with the knife that you realise quite how deep into the poor bloke’s head the blade goes.

As the doctor pulls, his head moves forward and another doctor needs to hold his head back to help get it out.

Clearly losing patience with the doctors he mimes a pulling motion and after a fair bit of yanking the knife comes free.

Docs pulling

The doctors then use a presumably magic towel to cover the guys wound and hopefully stop him bleeding to death.

We’re guessing, and hoping, that this poor bloke was sedated when they yanked the blade out, otherwise that’s a headache a pack of Neurofen probably won’t solve.