NOPE: Doctors Pull Sword Out Of Man’s Chest As His Heart Still Beats


If you’re feeling a bit delicate – or just don’t like to see people’s internal organs, you should probably look away now.

Graphic video has emerged of the aftermath of surgeons removing a sword from a man’s chest, reports the Daily Mail.

The man is believed to have stabbed himself – missing his heart by just millimetres – but survived the incident due to the expert work of the Spanish medics who filmed the procedure.

The surgeons opened up the man’s chest to examine exactly where the sword had gone before carefully guiding it back out of his body.

Miraculously, the tip of the sword had actually brushed against his heart, without damaging the vital organ.


The footage shows the man’s heart, exposed and beating, as surgeons examine the damage.

The poor guy’s chest is held open by some medieval looking four part metal contraption, while the team examine his insides for signs of damage.

One photo shows one of the surgeons holding the blood soaked sword – after it had been successfully removed – and you can see exactly how lucky the guy was that nothing more serious happened.


The patient’s identity is not known, but the clip was filmed on April 5th in Zaragoza, North Eastern Spain.

We can only imagine what he had been up to.