NOPE: Grim Video Shows Spider Being Flushed Out Of Man’s Ear


So apparently bugs just won’t stop crawling in people’s ears while they’re asleep and a new NOPE-worthy video gives us a good old look at one spider being flushed out of one unfortunate bloke’s ear canal.

Arachnophobes may want to look away now!

After he realised an eight-legged visitor had set up shop in his head during the night, this poor lad called on one of his mates to help him get the little bugger out.

And, fortunately, his friend had a pretty creative trick up his sleeve – he put some ear drops inside his pal’s ear to try and lure the arachnid out, while filming the whole thing, of course.

After a few seconds, the spider clambers out, probably wondering what the hell is going on. The little guy chills out atop the ear for a few seconds, clearly not overly keen to leave its makeshift cave, before scurrying up to the man’s hair.

After watching this, we’re probably never going to sleep again! Still, at least we now know what to do if this does ever happen to us. So, that’s something…