NOPE: Guy Films Nightmare Bed Bug Infestation At New York Hotel

by : UNILAD on : 03 Jan 2016 19:20
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This guys dream trip to New York quickly descended into a real life nightmare of NOPE proportions.


According to The Daily Dot, Elgin Ozlen’s mum paid for him and his girlfriend to go on a trip to NYC, as a gift.

Unfortunely for Ozlen, the bed bugs living in the hotel room they stayed in at the Astor on the Park Hotel, on the Upper West Side, ruined the whole trip

They were eaten alive by the infestation in their bug-infested room, which was actually the third one they were offered by the hotel, after the first room had no working heating and the second’s power outlets didn’t work.

As Ozlen rightly states in the video: “This place is gonna have a health inspection, fire department coming for the heating problems, and I hope no one ever stays here again”.


The couple were refunded by the hotel, although when asked about the incident by the New York Post one hotel employee said he was ‘instructed’ not to comment on the case.

The video made its way onto Reddit, where one person had some useful advice for anyone who experiences something similar:

Just lift each corner of the bed and look right along the edge. If you see bugs, take a picture with your phone and head straight down the front desk. If you see a lot of tiny spots that don’t appear to be bugs, it is likely excrement, take a picture and head straight down to the front desk–bring your bags. Show the person working the desk the image of said bugs or said bug poops, speak loudly about what the image is, and request a refund.

DO NOT STAY no matter what. Bed bugs will go home with you, and if they infest at home, say hello to one of the worst extermination headaches you can encounter.


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    Man films nightmare-inducing bed bug infestation in hotel